So this weekend I went up to New York to visit some friends… the heat is unbearable, but I realized that I really miss the city when I am away from it.  Fortunately Summer Break is more than half over!  (haha, I think my younger self would kill me for saying something like that)

As for Starry Knights… Chapter 01 thumbnails are completely done, and I am halfway through thumbnailing Chapter 02.   I was about going to start peniclling Chapter 01 when I realized that if I want the chapter covers to go in front of the chapter, I ought to work on them first (as opposed to my usual process, where the cover is the last thing I create).  So.. working on the Chapter 01 cover, then!

As for conventions- I am currently planning on having a table at both New York Anime Fest (which is also now New York Comic Con?) and ManagaNEXT come October.  I also plan on attending SPX (in September), but as a member of SVA’s Cartoon Allies.  So–!  That is what the exciting future holds.