…for an apartment.  It is seriously a daunting task trying to find a place to live in New York.

So.. it’s possible we (my two roommates and I) have may have found a place to live; hopefully we will sign the lease tomorrow and then move in later in the week and everything will go well and be sunshine and flowers.  That is the plan, anyhow.

Unfortunately, this has taken some of my attention away from Starry Knights… but, it kinda has to.  I can’t very well make comics if I have nowhere to live.  And it’s not like I’ve got nothing done, right now the projected date for Starry Knights to start running is August 30th.  Content will definitely start going up then, but how regularly new pages go up kind of depends on how much I get done before the semester starts/how much time I can spend working on this in addition to schoolwork.  The goal is to have a new page every weekday, but updates may come less often if I feel that I need to spend more time focusing on schoolwork.

As for conventions- I will definitely be at SPX, at the Cartoon Allies table.  I am also waiting to hear back from New York Anime Fest/Comic Con, so hopefully that goes through.

Progress Report:
Prologue:  50%
Chapter 01:  40%
Chapter 02:  40%
Chapter 03:  23%
Chapter 04:  20%